“A few years ago I suffered a very diffcult shoulder and neck injury that required extensive surgery and physical rehabilitation. I had asked my surgeon to please recommend a progressive physical therapist who would help me achieve the strength and stability that I had prior to my accident. Working together with Justin Trilling to help repair my injury was exactly the remedy that was needed. His style was aggressive, yet safe and reassuring. His knowledge and ability to apply the correct amount of attention when and where it was needed allowed me to focus on getting healthy. His constant friendly, confident demeanor was perfect for someone like myself who had spent a lifetime rehabbing sports injuries and was not always impressed with previous experiences. Years later, thanks to Justin I continue to be pain free, knowing exactly

what exercises are needed to maintain the health and strength I had hoped for. We still keep in touch and I am grateful for his dedication and time spent in helping me get whole.”

--Brandon Strahl

“I am 79 years old with a complete rotator cuff tear. I chose PPT and thanks to them, I have my life back. I’m able to do all my daily activities and I’m even capable of performing my daily workouts that I used to do prior to my injury!

-- Arthur Shapiro



Hi Justin! I just wanted to say thank you for being the best PT I’ve ever had helping me to restore my faith in my body, to build sustainable strength, endurance & resilience and for always being so compassionate and attentive. I really appreciate it and I’m so grateful for all of your hard work and your approach to recovery.

--Rachel Tenenbaum

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